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Hannah Streefkerk, Bloggare v.38

hannah streefkerkMy name is Hannah Streefkerk and I live with my family in Norsesund, a small place in the forest, about 15 km from Alingsås. I live since two years now in Sweden. Originally I come from The Netherlands. My swedish writing is not so good, so english it will be. My english is not perfect either, so sorry for all the mistakes. Hope you all understand it at least a bit.
In The Netherlands I studied interdisciplinary art at the art academies of Groningen and Maastricht. After my graduation in 1997 I started working as an artist and as an art teacher. At the moment I do the same in Sweden. I work part-time on a grundskola as a trä och sy slöjd teacher. All my left over time I spend on art.